Abstract submission

Relational landscape studies of urbanisation

Conference, 12–14 June 2014

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Alnarp, Sweden

Submission of abstracts


The call for abstracts is now closed.


Please submit an abstract (400–600 words) before 15 February 2014 to mattias.qvistrom[at]slu.se.

Potential topics and themes of interest might include, but are not limited to:

  • Landscape histories of urbanisation, maintenance and repair
  • More-than-human perspectives on the contested landscapes of urbanisation
  • Assembling landscapes at the urban fringe: mobility, matter and everyday life
  • Portable landscapes: mobile planning discourses of urbanisation and the importance of place
  • Relational reading of landscapes of transport infrastructures
  • Landscape theory vs. political ecology
  • Landscape studies as ‘matters of concern’
  • Tracing landscapes of urbanisation: methodological discussions
  • Modernity, peri-urban planning history and hybrid landscapes
  • Symmetrical analysis of rural-urban divides within planning

The abstracts will be peer-reviewed, with decisions made in March 2014.

“In increasingly gentrified and aestheticized’ rural areas of the global north such as Nevada County, conflicts over landscape are of growing importance[...]. Conflicts emerge particularly in places where economic and cultural value is being placed not on individual natural resources but on aesthetic and environmental values[...] that derive from a totality of many individual landholdings. These are especially subject to dispute because ‘ownership’ of landscape qualities is often undefined.”

(Peter Walker & Louise Fortmann, “Whose landscape? A political ecology of the ’exurban’ Sierra”, Cultural geographies, 2003, p. 471)

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